Rittenhouse Square Renovation

rittenhouse renovation_roof

Located on a quiet street, just outside Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, this row home has been completely gutted and prepared for a complete renovation. The existing stair will be re-configured to include an elevator and opened-up to allow the natural light to filter down into the middle of the home from a new pilot house above.

Rittenhouse renovation_1

view from front entry


rittenhouse renovation_2

view looking towards front entry foyer

rittenhouse renovation_3

view of living area

To accommodate a private garage at the rear, the building section is split to produce a taller Living space at the front of the house. Walls are removed to keep visual connections throughout the entire floor, but key elements of wood and glass are  carefully implemented to maintain the boundaries of each space and provide a natural flow and procession.

rittenhouse renovation_4

view of stair

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